The online server for Activision Blizzard PC games,, is currently down, likely because of too many players at once. This is an extremely unfortunate time for anyone’s online servers to take a hit, especially since more people than ever before are at home playing games thanks to forced isolation and social distancing suggested by multiple country governments due to the current spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

This isn’t the only large online video game system to go offline recently, as Xbox Live was down just the other day and even Nintendo’s online services stopped working recently. Video game companies are likely doing their best to keep up with player demand, but with more and more people pulling on their servers in all directions it’s no surprise a game with a new player base as big as Call of Duty: Warzone’s fifteen million players would cause servers to crash.

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Right now, according to’s own website monitoring system, nearly 40,000 players have reported issues with logging in in the past half hour. While there is no clear indication on why this is currently happening, players can likely assume it’s due to an increased amount of traffic, something which has been reported as continually steadily growing in the past few days on both Steam and Xbox servers, and likely others as well.

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