Big Mouth creator Nick Kroll has revealed that season 4 of the Netflix show will premiere in Fall 2020. Big Mouth is an adult animated series created by Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that depicts their younger selves. It stars Kroll and John Mulaney as Nick and Andrew, as well as Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jenny Slate as their friends Jessi, Jay, and Missy.

Big Mouth explores a quirky cast of middle school students as they navigate puberty. Hormones, depression, and shame are all personified as characters and interact with the kids, which makes getting through middle school more difficult than it already is. The successful Netflix series has ran for three seasons and the creative team is currently working on the fourth.

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Kroll announced that Big Mouth season 4 is still going according to plan and is set to air in the Fall during a live table read posted on Netflix is a Joke’s YouTube. He explained that Goldberg and the show’s writers are working hard to create the fourth season, and production is currently on schedule despite industry-wide shutdowns related to the coronavirus. The table read of Big Mouth season 3, episode 6 “How To Have An Orgasm” took place via Zoom and was followed by a Q&A segment. The full cast was present and acted their parts from home.

The majority of the cast was present for the entirety of the Q&A, as well, and Kroll read fan questions from the comments section. Aside from the initial question of when Big Mouth season 4 will air, the rest of the questions were much goofier. One fan asked what their characters would be doing during quarantine. Jason Mantzoukas said his character, Jay would probably do what he normally does on the show – have intercourse with his furniture. Another fan asked if Goldberg had actually dated his cousin like the character Andrew does. While he revealed that he, thankfully, hadn’t, other moments in his life have inspired the show, like ejaculating in his pants during prom and the character’s masturbation fixation.

It is refreshing to hear about projects that are flourishing instead of floundering during these tough times. Big Mouth is a show that has viewers laughing while hitting them right in the feels as it nails the experience of being a puberty-suffering middle-schooler. It is also a great experience for fans to actually watch the cast perform their characters in a live read of the script, something these actors probably normally wouldn’t have time to do. The best part is that this Big Mouth table read done for charity and will donate proceeds to Feeding America. It is unknown whether the cast will reconvene for another virtual table read, but at least fans can look forward to Big Mouth season 4 hitting Netflix this Fall.

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Source: Netflix Is A Joke/YouTube

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