The recently released sequel to the remake of the series, DOOM Eternal provides fans of the franchise, arguably the best entry in the entire series. Being one of the most action-packed, and ultra-violent titles in the long-standing series, DOOM Eternal provides the largest amount of demons and enemies for players to Rip and Tear through. Utilizing Mick Gordon’s expertly crafted soundtrack in conjunction with the well established, world and set pieces, the game immerses players into the mind of the ruthless Doom Slayer and engrains his mission to wipe out the demon horde into their brain. DOOM Eternal is not just the best DOOM game ever made, but arguably the best first-person shooter ever created, with fluid and tells gameplay for its player base to enjoy.

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Not only does the title merge smooth and violent gameplay with a stellar setting and soundtrack, but the game includes a breadth of collectibles and unlockable secrets. From hidden toys scattered throughout the map to the incredibly useful cheat codes hidden throughout the game, DOOM Eternal provides a variety of systems and mechanics to encourage players to replay its single-player mode. This guide will provide every cheat code available to players and where to find them.

All the Cheat Codes in Hell on Earth in DOOM Eternal

There is only one available cheat code in the Hell on Earth section of the game. It is found towards the end of the level, after defeating a variety of enemies.

As you walk down the hallway towards the ending of the Hell on Earth section you will see a question mark through a barred window overhead. Clear the hallway of any demons or tentacles that may interfere with your progress, then as you approach a fork in the road take a right. You will find a box in this section, jump on this box and punch overhead, this will open up an entrance for you to find the question mark. The cheat code will be the Infinite Lives Cheat Code, as the name implies, it provides players with an unlimited amount of lives at their disposal.

All the Cheat Codes in the Fortress of DOOM in DOOM Eternal

This level has two cheat codes for players to find. The first requires players have unlocked the room in which, the original Praetor Suit is found.

Finding this suit will require players to have a Sentinel Battery. Once in this room head to the section in which the wall has collapsed, and jump out of the room, quickly turn around, and dash to the provided ledge. This will provide the All Runes Cheat Code for players to use.

The second cheat code will require players to find and add Samuel Hayden to their floating HQ. This will allow players a launchpad in the crucible room that can be used to find the Fully Upgraded Suit Cheat Code. While in the crucible room shoot at the stained glass overhead that has a red mark, this will be how you gain access to the needed launch pad.

All the Cheat Codes in the Cultist Base in DOOM Eternal

There is only one cheat code in the Cultist Base level. This one is relatively easy to find.

As you approach the room which has a variety of spiked walls surrounding the Doom Slayer, you will notice a Question Mark in a tiny room overhead. Simply use bars around the area to traverse the room and then land in the area with Cheat Code. This will provide the IDDQD Cheat Code which provides the Doom Slayer with Sentinel armor for the remainder of a given mission.

All the Cheats in the DOOM Hunter Base in DOOM Eternal

Within the Doom Hunter Base, there is only one cheat code to be found by players. This cheat code is fairly difficult to find.

You will approach a room with a large generator-style machine in the middle. Once you are there jump to the ledge on the opposite side of the machine, then climb the wall to your right and you will find a climbable wall in the middle of the room. You will then jump to a room nearby which has some ammo and an armored helmet in the same room. Press the skull button to open the given gate in the room and then you will find the next climbable pillar which leads to the room where the Silver Bullet Cheat is found. This cheat allows the Doom Slayer to kill any demon with one shot when they’re staggered.

All the Cheat Codes in the Super Gore Nest in DOOM Eternal

The only Cheat Code available at the Super Gore Nest is found as players conclude the level. Before using the keys to escape the nest head back to the destroyed building and face the large Gore Nest, you will notice a breakable wall within jumping distance, so leap and dash and then immediately break the wall and Claim the Infinite Ammo Cheat.

Finding the Cheat Code in the ARC Complex in DOOM Eternal

Finding the ARC Complex Cheat Code is arguably the easiest of the bunch. Head to the laundromat section of the complex and defeat all the demons in the area. Inside the laundromat location, there will be a large hole in the wall, with the IDKFA Cheat Code this allows players to fully master all of their given equipment.

Finding the Cheat Code in Mars Core in DOOM Eternal

The Mars Cheat Code is one of the most commonly missed out of all the cheats. As you are fired into Mars from the artillery gun clear out of the first room you are placed into. Then take the stairs on the right you will find a launchpad that will launch you to where the Onslaught Cheat Code is found.

Finding the Cheat Code on Taras Nabad in DOOM Eternal

When finding this Cheat Code player needs to complete a small demon battle before they can access the needed room. After completing the battle head up a set of stairs and to your left you’ll find a breakable wall that will lead you to the Overdrive Cheat Code.

Finding the Cheat Codes in Nekravol in DOOM Eternal

There are three cheat codes in the Nekravol section of DOOM Eternal. The first being after a Maurader fight and will be in a room with corpses hanging on chains. Head to these corpses and you will see them be lifted up on a pulley system allowing the Doom Slayer to be able to drop down into a new area. In this new area, the Famine Mode Cheat Code will be found in a small room overhead.

The second cheat code is found in the section in which the Doom slayer will drop down a large chasm. If you look towards your left you will find a tiny ledge that you can jump to. Once there breakthrough a breakable wall and you will find the Party Mode Cheat.

The final chat is found before you break the Titan chains, you’ll need to head back to the elevator shaft and dropdown. As you are falling be ready to dash through a small chasm and you’ll find the Instant Stagger cheat code.

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DOOM Eternal is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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