Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games out there, especially considering it’s been years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. The next game in the series is in production, although almost nothing is known about it.

No matter what, GTA 6 will be a big step forward for the series, as there wasn’t a new game on PS4 and Xbox One, just a remaster of GTA 5. There’s a lot of potential for what the sequel can do, but it should embrace player freedom even more.

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Allowing players to create their own character would be a big move, but it could allow GTA to do interesting new things, and implement choice like it never has before.

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Create a Character Wouldn’t Hurt GTA 6’s Story

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto has always had strongly characterized protagonists, from Tommy Vercetti to Trevor Philips. There’s obviously a worry that letting players create their own protagonist might hurt that characterization, but that doesn’t need to be the case. A player-created character can still have all the personality and craziness that anyone else does in the GTA series. The perfect example of this is the main character of the Mass Effect series, Commander Shepard.

Now one of the most famous video game characters out there, Shepard was a brilliant cross between custom characters and a pre-determined personality. Players had full control over the character’s appearance, and they were also able to select dialogue options and actions. Despite players having agency over Shepard, they were still their own character. Yes, there were dialogue choices, but BioWare created multiple personalities for the character that would make everything feel natural. Grand Theft Auto could easily do the same thing, adding character creation in while still retaining characters that have their own unique personalities.

Allowing players to create their own character gives them more agency over the world and story of GTA 6, and creates a personal investment in how the narrative plays out. GTA has always created fantastically detailed worlds, but a character creator would let Rockstar take the next step to make their virtual environments even more immersive.

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Character Creation Could Work With GTA Online

GTA V Online

With the overwhelming success of GTA Online, it’s practically a given that GTA 6 will bring back the multiplayer mode, and that’s where character creation could get really interesting. Players, of course, can already create their own multiplayer characters, but imagine when that character starts to make their way into the single-player game’s story.

Rockstar could have a fantastic chance to make a truly seamless experience that blends single-player and multiplayer together. Both experiences could use player’s created character, or characters, and have tied progression systems, or even a home base that continuously expands. This could also help GTA Online feel more varied and dynamic than the past entries, and allow Rockstar to try new things in the multiplayer aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6.

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