Rockstar Games will add a Grand Theft Auto Online coronavirus quarantine mode to the popular title, clearly hoping to capitalize on the current pandemic zeitgeist with some timely gameplay additions. Players of GTA Online have recently complained about a lack of realism in the title, suggesting that there were only so many times they could infiltrate casinos and rob banks before needing the ability to go get groceries while feeling mildly uncomfortable.

GTA Online has made headlines previously for its outlandish content additions – not to mention how often fans believe a slight map redesign or a moved pixel indicate that a GTA 6 announcement is coming soon. One thing that’s been lacking from the service, however, is how little it reflects the day-to-day events that its player base are currently experiencing. Lots of Grand Theft Auto games can make a compelling watercraft chase scene that culminates in the sub-boss revealing the location of the real boss, but how many can make eerie visits to half-empty stores just as captivating?

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Thankfully, Rockstar Games announced in a press release today that the company would be adding a GTA Online coronavirus quarantine mode to help keep the game relevant. In the press release, the developer outlined how the mode would work. Players will be penalized with health loss for getting too close to another individual, while the update will also completely remove NPCs from the world, making it a more accurate mirror of a desolate modern wasteland. Rockstar elaborated on its decision:

“Rockstar Games is committed to providing the most cutting edge content it can in GTA Online, and we’re not shying away from real world events. The GTA Online coronavirus quarantine mode will challenge players in new ways, and illustrate exactly why social distancing is a necessary precaution for everyone across the globe right now.”

GTA Online Roleplay Characters

The GTA Online coronavirus update won’t stop there, though. Players looking to access shops will have to queue up for valuable resources like guns while attempting to maintain a specific distance away from each other. Guns will now slowly become contaminated as the player holds them, too, and holding onto one for too long will result in the player being quarantined. GTA Online quarantine will also have traffic simulated more accurately to a pandemic, with cars much more infrequent and carrying items for delivery fairly often.

It’s a bold decision from Rockstar, but one that indicates the company still has its finger on the gaming industry’s pulse – which definitely goes against social distancing guidelines, so it should stop that immediately. GTA Online coronavirus quarantine mode will add a new layer to the game’s complex social ecosystem, and should provide a welcome method of escape for players looking to simulate what is literally the exact same thing they’re experiencing in their day-to-day life.

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GTA Online Coronavirus Quarantine Mode will be available starting today on all platforms.

Source: Rockstar Games

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