Square Enix isn’t releasing a new Final Fantasy Tactics game outright, but War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is close – and it’s free, making it an appealing title to try out and see if it scratches the itch so many fans have had for years. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the most beloved entries into the franchise, even if it isn’t considered a “proper” mainline entry, and the fact that fans have been without a proper sequel since its release has been a consistent sticking point for consumers.

For Square, the Final Fantasy brand has been expanding onto the mobile platform slowly, gaining some traction with titles like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which was the beneficiary of some major crossover events and subsequent success in Japan. That game never really broke into western markets the same way other titles, like Fate: Grand Order, have, but it’s indicative of where Square is most willing to experiment with the Final Fantasy franchise. While a console sequel isn’t even confirmed yet and Final Fantasy XIV continues to chug along as the best MMORPG around today, Square Enix’s mobile titles have been given some more flexibility to experiment.

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That’s where War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius comes in, a Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired game that is a spin-off of the Brave Exvius title. While it isn’t advertised as a Final Fantasy Tactics spiritual successor, War of the Visions is exactly that, straight down to the camera angles and flow of battle in the free-to-play game. Even the story hits on the same sort of politically charged commentary that made Final Fantasy Tactics a compelling journey beyond just its nearly-flawless tactical combat.

Obviously, as a mobile game, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius changes some elements of the formula that made Final Fantasy Tactics such a compelling title. There are characters to roll for as a system loop to keep players coming back, for instance, and a lot more planned for content. With that said, however, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as new characters means more tactical options – and the game is already proving it will have crossover support, as Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers‘ Y’shtola is being given out for free as part of launch celebrations.

While it’s not a new Final Fantasy Tactics, it’s at the very least something that can satisfy that same sort of gameplay loop, and given that War of the Visions is still wrapped in a Final Fantasy package, it’s likely to be a hit with fans. Mobile games continue to be major drivers for developer planning, too, so if a game that’s an awful lot like Final Fantasy Tactics suddenly begins to outperform expectation, there’s a decent chance Square Enix might be more inclined to listen to requests for sequels in the future.

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War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is out now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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