The Nintendo Switch system is sold out at most major retailers amid growing supply problems during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Demand for the system has also gone up following the historic success of Nintendo’s recent release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game has sold phenomenally well and been reviewed highly by several publications, including Screen Rant itself.

Society has been impacted severely by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to public gatherings being cancelled and quarantine measures implemented worldwide, huge numbers of movies and video games have been delayed. Stores across the US face stock shortages as shipping companies struggle to meet the increased demand which comes with the threat of a disaster like this one. Food, drink, and even toilet paper have been gathered in severely increased quantities, something which has caused a bit of a toilet paper shortage in Fallout 76 as well.

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It seems that there’s another common fear as society enters an extended period of self-isolation: fear of boredom. This may be why supplies of the Nintendo Switch have reached critically low levels at most major retailers, according to a new report from GameSpot. The standard console is sold out at businesses like Best Buy, eBay, and Amazon. The Switch Lite is faring only slightly better, but is still out of stock on Amazon. This has had the unfortunate side effect of drastically increasing the price of the system from third-party merchants. While a standard Nintendo Switch has a market price of $300, the ones currently available online are much more expensive, ranging closer to $430 or even $480.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons

Nintendo of America has acknowledged the current shortage but seems unprepared to offer any concrete details on when it will be fixed, claiming only that “more systems are on the way.” Given the troubling state of the video game market today, such a vague statement could mean anything, but if nothing else it’s heartening to know Nintendo is aware of the problem and is, ostensibly, working toward a solution.

It’s difficult to overstate the impact coronavirus has had on society, and even now, well after the start of the outbreak, new problems are arising. Compared to everything else, a video game console shortage is a relatively minor issue. But the impact entertainment can have on the human spirit, especially in the face of a crisis, is not something which should ever be underestimated. The Nintendo Switch is a great console with a host of delightful games, and this shortage is a truly depressing thing. One can only hope that Nintendo of America rectifies the situation sooner rather than later, and that all Nintendo fans eventually get the chance to experience the games they want to play.

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Source: GameSpot

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