It looks as if Rockstar has updated multiple Grand Theft Auto 6 websites, and the changes occurring so close to the much-anticipated date of March 25th (when the game has been rumored to be revealed to the public) has given fans the impression such leaks are indeed accurate. There have been no shortage of Grand Theft Auto rumors flying around the internet lately, with claims stating things like GTA 6 will be a timed PS5 exclusive and that the game could see a return to either Vice City or, less likely, London.

As the rumored reveal date for Grand Theft Auto 6 edges closer, fans have been looking for any indication at all that they aren’t getting excited over nothing. While all of the rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6’s reveal remain unconfirmed by any official sources, some of the people who are spreading them have been accurate in the past, lending credence to some of the more outlandish Grand Theft Auto 6 supposed leaks. Now, some of those players have noticed new changes which could indicate the rumors are true.

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As reported by Dexerto, it appears that Rockstar Games has updated a few websites with domain names indicative of Grand Theft Auto 6, giving some indication that news may be coming soon. First noticed by u/bozidarilic on Reddit, multiple domains with “names like GTAVI and GTA6″ which used to redirect traffic to either one of the main Grand Theft Auto pages or to Rockstar’s official website now only give users an error message. The Reddit user provided a record (embedded below) of when the website was last updated, showing that it was just yesterday, March 23rd, 2020, that these changes occurred.

As Dexerto reports, when the Rockstar websites are updated for maintenance they are usually all updated in waves, whereas this particular update seemed to only be relegated to the domains featuring Grand Theft Auto 6 references in the titles. “Everything from the main Rockstar page to Red Dead Redemption and even Bully would be given a refresh one way or another,” Dexerto reports, but since that didn’t happen this time some players have taken this as a sign they are due for some good news regarding GTA 6.

While interestingly close to the rumored reveal date of Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s unlikely these changes have anything to do with setting up for a big announcement tomorrow. Every company periodically does maintenance on their websites, even those which simply act as redirects to other pages, and it’s far more likely that this is just part of some periodically scheduled update system for Rockstar’s servers. However, Grand Theft Auto fans are looking for anything and everything to latch on to when it comes to news and updates about Grand Theft Auto 6, so it’s no surprise not even a small website domain adjustment can slip through the cracks without someone noticing. Hopefully, March 25th won’t see too many people disappointed.

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Source: Reddit (via Dexerto)

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