Esports teams who qualified for PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS Global Series event will be paid $20,000 each after the tournament’s cancellation. Previously, it has been reported that former PUBG Esport team owners had been dissatisfied with the way they had been treated by the PUBG Corporation, but it is beginning to look as if the company is doing everything they can to not only keep an open dialog with players and team owners but also take care of them when circumstances beyond anyone’s control force closures and cancellations.

PUBG has continued to evolve and refine itself since its original PC release, and the developers are constantly adding new maps, new multiplayer modes, and even new weapons in order to make sure players don’t grow too bored of the gameplay. Recently, a new sniper rifle was added to PUBG, and even though it’s basically just a re-skin of the Kar98k the developers have also added in more creative, unique weapons, such as the long-awaited rocket launcher.

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Now, thanks to the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the planned PUBG Global Series has been cancelled, but to help compensate the players involved the PUBG corporation will be giving each team that qualified for the series $20,000 apiece. The Loadout reports that “All 21 teams, plus teams in regions where qualifiers are currently taking place or have been postponed, will receive compensation for the inconvenience.” This means the PUBG Corporation is paying out at least $420,000 to Esports teams, and that’s not all they have planned in the wake of the PGS cancellation.

Reportedly, PUBG’s Global Series is being replaced with the PUBG Continental Series, which is described as “a multi-region online competition” and will take place in May, June, and August of this year. The PUBG Continental Series “will have a total prize pool of 2.4 million” which will be split across four regions and the first tournament, called the PCG Charity Showdown, “will offer a $100,000 prize pool in each region with an extra $100,000 donated to a charity of each of the winning teams’ choice.

By not only compensating players for the cancellation of the PUBG Global Series but also offering them a chance to win more money in a separate, online-only event, the PUBG Corporation is surely hoping to keep their Esports teams not only happy but also continually engaged with PUBG, even as the current pandemic continues to close and cancel public events and gatherings. One of the best things about battle royale games, and multiplayer games in general, is that they can allow for hundreds of users to get together and interact in a virtual space even when such an act is unsafe to do in real life, and by not only keeping PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS servers online but also by embracing safe practices and giving to charities, the PUBG Corporation seems to be doing everything they can to help.

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Source: The Loadout

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