Sony is revealing the PlayStation 5 specifications tomorrow, but it seems the company was originally going to have a reveal event at GDC 2020. GDC was postponed indefinitely this year after fears surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This will be the first time that Sony is officially showing off the new PS5 before it releases later this year.

A lot of details concerning the PlayStation 5 are still unknown at the moment. One of the biggest pieces of information that Sony has yet to reveal is the price of the new console. Certain parts needed for the console has caused production costs to skyrocket and potentially means the PS5 could cost upwards of $500. Sony has also not revealed any specs for the system, but there are several credible leaks and rumors that have stated what players can expect from the PS5. One of the few things that Sony has confirmed is that it is working on backwards compatibility for the PS5.

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This morning The Game Post reported that Sony would be revealing the PlayStation 5 on the PlaStation Blog website tomorrow. The company will be revealing the architecture design of the console during this video. The interesting part is that PlayStation Japan wrote in a statement, “This video contains a scheduled session at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in the United States and will be in English only (no subtitles). Please note“. This means that PlayStation was originally planning on being at GDC 2020 this year and that the PS5 was going to be revealed at that event.

GDC 2020 was postponed like many other events because of COVID-19. This new virus is quickly spreading around the world and changing the ways in which human beings interact with the world around us. Events have been shut down, restaurants have closed, and people are self-isolating. Sony intended to reveal the PlayStation 5 to a room full of developers and publishers, but instead will be doing so online. Those who are interested can go to the PlayStation Blog website at tomorrow at 9 am Pacific Time.

Gamers have been preparing for the PlayStation 5 reveal for quite some time now. The PlayStation 4 has performed admirably and showed off some amazing games over the last several years, but its hardware is beginning to show its age. The technology world has changed so much that it is almost impossible for a seven year old system to keep up with ray tracing, 4k, and increasingly growing frames per second. The PlayStation 5 reveal can’t come soon enough.

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The PlayStation 5 will release during the holidays of 2020.

Source: The Game Post

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