GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5 is referred to as the 14th game series and can easily replicate the earlier versions in the future. The GTA game is known as DMA Design and developed by Rockstar North. On 25th October 2011, the GTA 3 was released by Rockstar games. They had replaced the GTA 5 logo and updated the launch date on their first trailer. It showcased that the GTA game is planned to set to play across the Los Santos location.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) will be played in Los Santos city and its largest beaches, countryside, and surrounding hills with the creation of this most ambitious game. The GTA 5 game is one of the best bold new direction games with online multiplayer, mission-based gameplay, storytelling, and open-world freedom. The present-day and re-imagined almighty dollar will be focused on Southern California.

Improved Versions

On 18th November 2014, the GTA 5 new and improved version was released with numerous changes like multiple new gameplay additions, enhanced GTA online performance, updated graphics, Xbox One & PlayStation 4 (PS4) support, and consoles with various new generations. The other features are numerous new songs, enhanced weather effects & damage, denser traffic, wildlife, activities & vehicles, new weapons, and first-person camera mode.

On 14th April 2015, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) PC version was launched for the users. Even, the PC versions will provide access to custom various modifications, high-resolution graphics to get a better experience, and stunningly detailed information. The GTA game’s life was extended with the MOD APK featuring various maps, skins, vehicles, missions, and new weapons to the game.


gta 5 apk gameplay
gta 5 apk gameplay

GTA 5 game version will reveal the entire mechanic that was utilized on the earlier GTA game versions. The improved vehicles will offer the best driving experience with more complex physics to make some cars for better ground holding. You can gain the racing game experience with the help of driving mechanics like boat-like handling system and Midnight Club series. The game offers the largest melee mechanics and feel mechanics in terms of the shooting mechanics along with improved melee titles.

GTA 5 Mobile game has also updated or changed with Weapon selection. It inspires numerous titles such as Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt, Midnight Club, and Max Payne 3. This game provides numerous unique features for the players to play as one protagonist and the other two independent daily lives. The players can easily switch back to any character (Character Swapping) to play their role within the game.

Within the Game Informer Demo, you can utilize the Google Earth-style mode to execute the game smoothly and without latency. The exclusive feature for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS 4), and PC versions will allow playing as a protagonist and first-person mode. You can gain a new way of gameplay by utilizing this game mode. Each car has unique & detailed interiors and with a dedicated FPS game for shooting experience.

Game Updates

Find below the list of GTA 5 game updates for your reference:

  • Los Santos’s appearance and environment are conveyed using the minor mechanics for a day similar to Morningwood of morning wealthy areas and as well as a sprinkler system.
  • The pedestrian mechanics have also changed, you can find numerous bus stops within the East Los Santos areas and opulent mansion gardens to reappear within the Rockford Hills.
  • The outcome can be seen in multiple locations across Los Santos areas, varied reactions, and player dependency from pedestrians.
  • The player while driving the vehicle can utilize another feature of showing their middle finger.
  • The GTA 4 game can be used in mobile phones only for limited features like quick saving, surfing the web, and contacting the players.
  • The game is added with numerous random events and will showcase at any time while exploring the map by the players.
  • The new activities are also added to the GTA 5 game like scuba diving, golf, tennis, parachuting, jet skiing, and yoga.

Features of GTA 5 Mobile Game

gta 5 mobile
gta 5 mobile

Find below the list of features offered by GTA 5 Mobile game:

  • GTA 5 game has great graphics. If you prefer to experience a smooth game then your device should be well prepared to utilize the same. The upgraded graphics will allow the players to customize the detailed characters. It is also possible to change the character’s weight and smallest tattoos details.
  • You can use the multiplayer mode in the GTA 5 game with more features when compared to the other online games. There are numerous features like making money, buy clothes, do tasks, level up, and many more.
  • Numerous weapons are available to use within the GTA 5 gameplay. You can use any weapons like a blast, shoot, melee, etc during the game. There is some special equipment to return like golf clubs, rifles with silencers, parachute guns, etc.
  • GTA 5 game will allow the users to choose their favorite vehicles from the available vehicle collections to explore the map. There are multiple new vehicles added to the game like jet skis, helicopters, airplanes, and many more.
  • The large map available within the GTA 5 game will include various parts with detailed information like oceans, mountains, towns, arable land, deserts, and cities. The GTA 5 game has an extensive map area when compared to earlier versions. The map includes 70 for the players to explore during the gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

The players are provided with more freedom to access the game missions. You can decide and complete the assigned missions even with the limited features. Even if you are traveling under the water, you won’t die. Make use of the wetsuit to travel across the underwater. You can access the outskirts and woods of Los Santos to hunt deer.

Multi-player Mode

The multi-player mode is one of the best features available within the GTA 5 gameplay. The players are allowed to interact with various characters and the world during the game. You can choose any character from the list of 3 different characters even while performing a mission. There are various options and views to finish the assigned task on GTA 5 mobile game. The players are also allowed to select any vehicles such as helicopters, airplanes, and many more. The entire features are available only while utilizing the multi-player mode.

Numerous Games

The players are provided with various leisure activities and games during the gameplay. In case if you prefer to play other games then you can opt for the nearest golf course or relax at a yoga studio. You can gain a more realistic feel and blast through walls while playing the GTA 5 mobile game.

GTA 5 Missions

Los Santos Customs

Simeon Yetarian (who is Lamar’s boss) will call the player and inform them to take a drive with their personal vehicle to reach Los Santos Customs for purchasing the insurance and a tracker. After completing the deed, the player can purchase rise, garages, & safehouses through the ranks, performing jobs or tasks for Lamar (Boss) & his assistants, and exploring the area.

Holding up

After meeting Gerald, most of the players are advised to purchase new clothes. Lamar will contact the player to perform some tasks or missions for his team to do within the city area. Some players are assigned various tasks such as escaping from the police, stealing the cash, holding the store, and many more.

Meeting Gerald

Once the race is completed, the players are advised by Lamar to exchange the drugs between Ballas & Los Santos Vagos. The players are advised to visit the Olympic Freeway and steal the drugs from the dealers and handover the same to Gerald’s apartment. Lamar will introduce the players to Gerald and provide the drugs. The players are rewarded with $500 for performing this task.

Meeting Lamar

Lamar Davis will meet the players after they reach the Los Santos International Airport. He will provide a pistol or firearm to the player’s while entering the Lamar’s Emperor. The player can understand the Los Santos city by exploring them and also interact with Simeon Yetarian & Hao to race against each other.


The players are allowed to the customer their own game character. They can choose their clothes, lifestyle, appearance, and gender.

Character Customization

The players are allowed to personalize the three available protagonists within the gameplay such as appearance, wardrobe, and many more. When compared with the earlier game Grand Theft Auto (GTA): San Andreas, this gameplay has only limited customizable features. Some missing features of GTA San Andreas such as the ability for facial hair removal or addition, barbershops, and tattoo parlors are added to the GTA 5 mobile game.

Weapons – This gameplay includes various weapons such as side-folding stocks, olive drab polymer furniture, mounted flashlights, sound suppressors, and assault rifles with Norinco 56-2 Type. The players can also mount the attachments to multiple gun types to affect the performance. Melee weapons such as the golf club and the nightstick are newly introduced to GTA 5 game.

Businesses – The earlier businesses from the GTA 4 gameplay will re-appear in the GTA 5 mobile game as well. It also includes some new businesses like Up-n-Atom Burger and Bugstar’s Pest Control company (specialized in the fast-food restaurant and fumigation). The Burger shot option is no longer listed to eat the takeaway foods that are sold from the outlets. However, while exploring the map the players are allowed only to purchase drinks from numerous available vending machines.

Vehicles – When compared to earlier GTA versions, the GTA 5 game has numerous updated vehicles such as jet skis, motorcycles, emergency service vehicles, utility vehicles, cars, helicopters, and airplanes. The map with a limited size will include a cut feature of utilizing the planes that are included in the GTA 5 gameplay. The Pacific Ocean depth can be explored by the players using the submarines.

The GTA titles with Rhino are updated with a realistic depiction and complex aiming system of a tank. If the car during the gameplay is flipped upside down then a player can use the roll-over a vehicle feature. The players can steal numerous vehicles while exploring the map. The behavior is revamped to a lesser extent in GTA 5 game will fully-controllable vehicles and other planes to fly across the Los Santos city.

GTA 5 APK Download and Install

There are numerous trustworthy websites or reliable sources to get the GTA 5 APK download for your Android mobile devices. You can follow the below-provided instructions to download the GTA 5 Android app and install the same:

  • First of all, you can download GTA 5 mobile APK file and install the game Z-archive on your device.
  • Make use of the achiever to extract the GTA 5 APK
  • Before storing the extracted files, it is essential to turn on the Unknown Sources option on your Android device.
  • Access the Security options under your mobile Settings.
  • Turn on the Unknown sources option.
  • Access the downloaded APK file from your Android device.
  • Then, install the APK file on your mobile.
  • Transfer the data file within your Android downloads folder.
  • If possible, a new folder can be created for extracting the game files.
  • The Zip extractor can be utilized to extract the OBB files within the N1 Cached data folder.
  • Once it is done, you can enjoy playing the GTA 5 APK game on your Android device.

Download APk File

GTA 5 iOS Download and Install

During the game launch, GTA 5 game is entirely different across the game industry from other games. Most of the iOS users are very much excited about this game. You can follow the below-provided instructions to download and install the GTA 5 iOS game app:

  • If you had already installed any previous versions on your iOS device, uninstall the app to proceed further.
  • Then, you can get the GTA 5 iOS download link with the latest version.
  • Once it is done, you can access the app to open it.
  • Tap the install icon to proceed with the installation process.
  • The installation will be finished shortly.
  • Once it is completed, you can enjoy playing the GTA 5 iOS game on your device.

Download IOS File

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