Call of Duty: Warzone has officially added a solos mode to its rotation, bringing it that much closer in line with similar titles in the battle royale genre. Battle royale games continue to be some of the most popular titles around, and the recent release of Warzone was no exception. The free-to-play game launched with over six million players trying the game out in its first 24 hours before crossing 15 million players on its fourth day. Given the popularity of the Call of Duty franchise as a whole, not to mention previous title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s similar Blackout battle royale mode, this wasn’t exactly a surprising development.

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In spite of its popularity, there have been some complaints with Warzone regarding both its astronomically large download size to its lacks of game modes. While other battle royale games have modes like squads, duos and solos modes, Warzone only launched with squads and plunder, which tasks players with earning the most amount of money to win. But now Infinity Ward looks to rectify the situation by adding a solos mode to the game for all of the lone wolf types out there in the gaming world.

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Activision announced the new solos mode for Warzone on a blog post, touting the mode as “You against the world… Or at least, 149 other players.” The post focused on explaining what their brand of solos mode would look like compared to the three-person squad version already available. Much like that mode, the gulag system will remain in place, giving solo players a chance to come back into the match after death. Other than that, standard battle royale rules will apply to solos in Warzone.

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Considering that Warzone only launched a week ago, it’s a surprising and welcome move that Infinity Ward managed to add in a solos mode so quickly. This will likely be a popular decision among players without the desire to play with strangers or who are looking for a more challenging battle royale experience and should go a long way to increasing the game’s longevity. And at 150 players, it makes Warzone‘s solos mode one of the largest in a battle royale title.

The biggest question remaining, however, is what other modes will be brought into Warzone? Infinity Ward has already talked about potentially bringing in four or five person squads eventually, but how far down the road that is remains to be seen. Some players might even like to see more off-the-wall modes like plunder rather than just more of the same traditional battle royale modes, but given that the game just launched recently, it’s really hard to say what the future looks like for Warzone.

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