The Epic Games Store leaks its biggest free game giveaway yet, the massively popular Grand Theft Auto 5, which is available today.

It seems that Epic Games next free game offering will be none other than Rockstar Games’ true-crime extravaganza Grand Theft Auto 5. Epic’s online game store has been leading the charge in providing players with free titles to keep during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, ranging from smaller indie games to triple-A blockbusters of the past.

Released back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 tells the story of three jaded yet complex criminals as they plan a major heist in the open-world city of Los Santos, and would go on to win multiple awards as well and make enough money to be known as one of the most profitable pieces of entertainment of all time. Recently, the game’s online component, separately titled Grand Theft Auto Online, has been making headlines thanks to a bizarre-yet-entertaining gang war between groups of players dressed as green and purple aliens, and fan theories regarding the planned sixth installment in the long-running Grand Thief Auto series have reached a fever pitch due to word that the game might in fact be well into development.

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In the meantime, it seems players will get a chance to check out developer Rockstar Games’ latest crime caper for themselves free of charge. As reported by, the Epic Games Store’s official Twitter account accidentally leaked an announcement that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be free to download from today until May 21, before quickly deleting it. Like all of Epic’s free offerings, GTA 5 will be available for players to keep forever, with no strings attached until it returns to its original price point after the aforementioned deadline. You can check out a screenshot of Epic’s now-removed Tweet, courtesy of gaming rumor hound Nibel, below:

This is just the latest in a series of free giveaways by Epic Games that started back in 2019 and has only intensified as this year’s ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 has forced people to stay home and try to pass the time with activities like playing more video games. These offerings have varied in scope, ranging from quirky indie titles like The Stanley Parable and Tormentor x Punisher to big-name releases like Watch Dogs and Just Cause 4, and have earned Epic widespread praise from both players and developers alike.

Still, Grand Theft Auto 5 may be the Epic Games Store’s biggest free game offer yet, given the series’ success and relevance among both gaming and pop culture in general along with news of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 increasing in recent months. Such a massive title, filled with plenty of side quests and extra activities to distract players from the already meaty plot, being free to own is landmark bargain for players, especially with the included Grand Theft Auto Online being a deep and entertaining experience in its own right. Players will be able to own Grand Theft Auto 5 completely free of charge by logging on to the Epic Games Store between today and May 21.

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Source:, Nibel (via Twitter)

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