A new glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online is causing players to lose all of their items upon starting up the game. This is especially troubling because Rockstar Games announced not too long ago that anyone playing Grand Theft Auto Online during the month of April would receive half a million dollars of in-game currency for free just by logging in.

This isn’t the first glitch to be present in Grand Theft Auto Online’s free money giveaway, as recently it was reported that some players have been able to receive their promised $500,000 more than once, with players on the Grand Theft Auto subreddit reporting they had received the gift from Rockstar three and even four times. Others have claimed they did not receive the promised free money in Grand Theft Auto Online at all, despite having played the game multiple times in the month of April. Now, it seems like an even more detrimental glitch is possible.

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As recently documented by Polygon, some Grand Theft Auto Online players trying to get their free money are instead logging into the game only to find out they inexplicably have lost everything. Players have said they lost “weapons, vehicles, and even entire rental properties.” On Twitter, Rockstar addressed these concerns and said they were working to find a solution, with issues for PC players apparently resolved later in the day. However, since then multiple players have replied to Rockstar’s message, stating they are still missing items and that their issues are not only occurring on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, but on the PS4’s as well.

The most troubling thing are the reports of players who have logged back in to their games after being told their Grand Theft Auto Online accounts were back to normal, only to find certain vehicles or items still missing, expressed best by Twitter user @TutorGored above. Clearly, this is not an issue which is just plaguing PC players, but it does not seem to be affecting the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto Online as strongly as it is the PC and PS4 ones.

It appears that Rockstar is working hard to try and resolve this errors as fast as possible, a task which is probably made slightly more difficult since the entire company is now working remotely. Hopefully Grand Theft Auto Online players will have their items all returned soon, but until then it may be safer for players to not log in to the game for a day or two, just in case they end up losing something valuable.

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Sources: Polygon, Rockstar/Twitter

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