As the coronavirus outbreak continues to keep people communicating through Zoom, adding backgrounds has become one of the easiest ways to add something different to conversations. For users who wish they could cast a spell and rid the world of the virus, a Harry Potter digital background might be a good choice.

Zoom backgrounds have become increasingly popular over recent weeks and as more users have flocked to the digital communication platform. Though some users have decided to use competing apps, due to security concerns like Zoom-Bombing, it still remains one of the more popular choices, and one of the reasons is third-party background support. With almost an unlimited choice as to what can be added in the background, Zoom has created an opportunity for users to be where they wish they could be, rather than stuck at home.

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With Harry Potter having such a large fan base, it is no wonder people wish they could be a part of that universe. Countless websites and Twitter accounts have been sharing Harry Potter-themed photos for others to use as their background, including Twitter user ‘socially distant dave‘ who has shared photos of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in England. This is just one example of how the Harry Potter community is coming together to keep the magic alive and connect with each other during these difficult times, with many using the official ‘Harry Potter At Home’ line as a hashtag to share what they have.

Hot To Download & Add Harry Potter Backgrounds

To use the images shared above, or any others you want, log into Zoom and access the settings by clicking on the profile picture in the top-right corner. After this, select “Settings’ from the drop-down menu and then on “Virtual Background” and the plus symbol. This will allow you to upload the virtual background of your choice. For reference, backgrounds work best when the image is of one solid color and different from your skin tone. Otherwise, you may have to make some adjustments to make the image usable, such as creating your own  green screen.

Virtual Backgrounds are a fun way to create a fresh environment and bring something new to what have quickly become routine Zoom chats. They can help to create a theme night for you and your friends, or just give some sense of escape from a real-world environment that’s difficult to escape from. Right now, society might feel a little like Harry during his time living under the stairs, but hopefully these Zoom backgrounds will be able to make the situation feel a little less claustrophobic. If nothing else, they will add a nice touch of magic to your next Zoom call.

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