Batman Almost Stole Mary Jane From Spider-Man (Seriously)

To hide his true identity from the world, Batman has worked hard to make his alter ego Bruce Wayne appear to be an irresponsible billionaire playboy with multiple girlfriends. However, it seems that Bruce’s womanizing ways go beyond the DC Universe and into the Marvel Universe as well.

In a few blink-or-you’ll-miss it scenes from Spider-Man’s original marriage to Mary Jane Watson, Bruce actually made a play for MJ the night before her wedding. While Bruce’s true identity is kept intentionally ambiguous, many fans believe MJ’s admirer may have been Marvel’s counterpart to DC’s infamous playboy.

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In The Amazing Spider-Man #21, readers follow both Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the days leading up to their wedding – and learn that both of them almost experienced cold feet. Peter still had to let go of his feelings for Gwen Stacy, along with his insecurities over being able to provide MJ with the lavish lifestyle she enjoyed as a top model. Mary Jane, on the other hand, began receiving calls from someone named “Bruce” who MJ said she knew from Hollywood. According to MJ, Bruce wanted to take her to his villa in the south of France to talk her out of her “marriage madness.” Mary Jane claimed Bruce was “kinda wild” and fabulously wealthy – something that only increased Peter’s insecurity.

MJ’s admirer continued to make his presence known. Shortly after calling MJ, Bruce had one of his agents gift her a Ferrari containing two tickets to Paris and a taped message asking MJ to meet him at his hotel. He later picked her up in a sportscar (although readers couldn’t see his face) and continued seducing MJ, who seemed to take his forwardness in stride. Later, however, MJ visited Peter and appeared more withdrawn, suggesting Bruce’s efforts were beginning to take an effect. Bruce made one final play for MJ literally hours before her wedding. After exiting her bachelorette party, MJ found Bruce waiting in his car and offering to take her to the airport. MJ actually got into the car with him – but in the morning she showed up (late) for her wedding with Peter (who was also late, having spent the night getting over his fears of losing MJ the way he lost Gwen).

Sleazy as “Bruce’s” actions seemed, he did end up with one redeeming quality. Shortly after saying their wedding vows, Peter expressed his disappointment to MJ that he wouldn’t be able to pay for a honeymoon. In response, MJ showed him the first-class tickets to Paris along with the keys to a private villa, which she said were “a wedding present from a friend.”

Peter and Mary Jane spent a great two weeks at Bruce’s lavish villa in The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7 (although Peter’s old enemy the Puma interrupted some of the festivities), and Bruce finally bowed out of the Parkers’ lives. While the “Bruce” who chased after MJ seems a bit too much of a womanizer to be DC’s Bruce Wayne (who only pretends to be an arrogant playboy to keep others from finding out he’s Batman), it should be noted that Marvel has a history of putting non-powered alternate versions of DC heroes in its comics. Several issues of Web of Spider-Man and Thor show various heroes meeting Clark Kent and Lois Lane (who apparently are just reporters in the Marvel Universe).

So, while MJ’s admirer may not have been Batman in his civilian guise, it’s presumed she could have caught the eye of the Marvel Universe’s counterpart to Bruce Wayne. Someone who had all the wealth of a Wayne, without the childhood trauma or the need to dress up like a giant bat. Frankly, a guy like that would be considered a catch by many women – but Mary Jane clearly prefers spiders to bats.

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90 Day Fiance’s Big Ed Bizarre Bathing Challenge, Cast Members Join In

90 Day Fiancé’s Big Ed participated in the bizarre bathing challenge. He even got most of the cast members to join in.

Currently, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is following around a whole new group of Americans who are hoping to find their true love abroad. Big Ed may be short in stature, but he has decided to steal viewers’ hearts on the newest season. Many are questioning the motives of his girlfriend, Rosemarie. At only 4-foot-9, the newest reality star decided to rejoin the dating world after almost 30 years of being single. In a recent episode their relationship took a turn for the worst when Big Ed asked Rosemarie to take an STD test, setting the young mother off.

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Now it would seem that Big Ed is hitting the showers after a messy segment hit the air which showed him in a pretty bad light. The San Diego native did not realize the damage he would cause by asking his fiancé to participate in a blood test that would check if she was clean from any sexually transmitted diseases. Fans were not impressed with his own refusal to take a test until he got back to the United States. But instead of hiding from social media, Big Ed scrubbed himself clean, taking part in the shower with your pet craze. He shared his video on social media saying to fans to remember to wash their hands and shower every day and to not forget about their fur babies.

Viewers were not a fan of the sight but were happy to see Geoffrey Paschel take part saying he would “leave this right here.” The Nashville native showed off his blue luffa, saying the exact same message of the need to shower amid the pandemic and showed his chubby dog. He also made it clear that he would not get rid of his nipple tattoos. Both Ash and Avery joined the shower challenge after being tagged but did not share the same shower. Ash even did some wordplay and worked out in the shower with a dumbbell. Lastly, Tom Brooks joined in the bubble fun even though he does not have a pet he made sure to grab one of his stuffed animals that keeps him warm at night since he no longer has Darcey to cuddle into.

Fans were a bit taken aback by the recent challenge, since it does not make any sense. One would hope that most people know how to institute a proper hygiene routine. These reality stars are soaking up their fifteen minutes of fame, every single drop.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

Source: Tom Brooks, Big Ed, Geoffrey Paschel

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